Annual: Activity Programme Fundraising

While the majority of fundraising is focused on improving facilities on site, the Stanley Grange Community Association also raises general funds to invest in projects that enhance the experiences of residents living at Stanley Grange.

Following the purchase of Stanley Grange in 2015, the Stanley Grange Community Association (SGCA) created a Refurbishment, Modernisation and Renewal Program to address the lack of investment, in the site that had occurred over the previous decade.

Over the last 5 years this has included:

  • Modernising the kitchen in the Community Hall, used for cooking skills and food preparation activities.
  • Purchasing a new minibus and ensuring its upkeep to take residents to and from activities off site.
  • Purchasing tablets and ipads to keep residents connected to loved ones, which has been especially important during Covid 19 lockdown restrictions.
  • Hosting birthday parties for residents to celebrate their special day

The Stanley Grange Community Association would like to thank The Boshier Hinton Foundation, The Green Hall Foundation, The Oliver Ford Foundation, The National Lottery, The Lancashire Community Foundation, The Baily Thomas Trust, The Tudor Trust for their generous grants which made this possible.

Fundraising for our general funds is year round. To learn more how you can donate to our general funds wish list please contact our Operations and Project Coordinator on or make a donation below.