Impact and Monitoring

The key impact of Stanley Grange is measured in the demonstrable happiness of the residents. Listen to Mark share his experience of living at Stanley Grange below. 

We know that Stanley Grange meets the needs of people who really struggle in other living situations. There have been residents who have moved away from Stanley Grange to live in urban or mixed environments, but all have returned as they felt isolated and/or the environment they moved into didn’t meet their needs. 

Everyone at Stanley Grange lives as independently as their needs allow, with control over their daily routines and the freedom to come and go as they please. All residents also have regular Personal Development Planning sessions in order to set personal goals, understand future aspirations and adapt care needs to meet the changing needs of the individual.

“Stanley Grange provides a tremendous range of facilities and in such a superb environment. What a relief it is for us to find somewhere so appropriate and able to cater to his needs.”

– Family member of a resident

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