“At Stanley Grange, I like that I can do my own thing. In September 2020 I walked from Blackpool to Stanley Grange with Camilla. We had three breaks, but we walked 22 miles.”

Mark has called Stanley Grange home since 1980 and although he enjoys a fairly independent life he has support on hand if needed and plenty of activities to get involved in, if he chooses.

Mark is an avid walker and can walk for miles in the local area, enjoying the outdoors. Over the last 40 years, Mark has been an active member of Stanley Grange, holding a cleaning job in the local community and helping out with projects across the estate.

During lockdown in 2020, he spent days working alongside Kevin (Stanley Grange Activities Coordinator), clearing overgrowth from around the onsite Summer House and helping to prepare it for refurbishment.

During our conversation, we asked Mark about life at Stanley Grange, and how he felt when it was potentially going to be closed. Mark shared “I was quite worried at the time, but the parents saved it from any harm, so it will always be here now. I feel safe at Stanley Grange.”

Mark is looking forward to life getting back to normal. He enjoys his Tuesday afternoons in the woodwork shop, doing his food shopping and visiting his parents, sister and brother-in-law. We loved chatting with Mark, and hope you enjoy hearing from him in the video below.  

On behalf of the Stanley Grange Community Association, we would like to thank Mark for spending time with us to film this video.

*We are committed to respecting the privacy of residents at Stanley Grange, and only sharing details relevant to individuals who have agreed to share their stories.