Community action team

We are working with our partners at Future Directions on the recruitment and safeguarding infrastructure for a volunteering scheme for SGCA after the restrictions caused by Covid. We are creating a generic Community Action Team role description for folk who are happy to go through an application process and DBS checks to be on time bank or skills register. They will be called on an ‘as and when’ basis and be able to sign up on a rota for a wide variety of tasks which will enable us to play an active role as individuals and as a charity outside of Stanley Grange in our area. This is open to families, friends and staff with  and invitation to the wider community to join our team.

In 2022, we want to take our award winning, interactive pop up stand to visit events. We aim to raise the profile of Stanley Grange again and engage with new audiences, local residents, organisations and corporate partners. We would like to return to The Empire theatre, Blackburn to put on a gala concert for our families, friends and supporters.  A meeting will be held on Monday 8 November at 6pm in the Community Hall and on Zoom.