Phase 3: Stables

£354k Raised 100%

Following the purchase of Stanley Grange in 2015, the SGCA created a Refurbishment, Modernisation and Renewal Programme to address the lack of investment, in the site that had occurred over the previous decade.

Each phase is started when enough funds have been raised and the total projected investment in this programme amounts to £2.3m. Phase 3 was completed in September 2018.

Work began on converting Stables Cottage into two smaller buildings with self-contained flats upstairs and with en-suite bedrooms and shared kitchens downstairs in Autumn 2016.

Prior to the investment Nigel and Michelle, two residents of Stables had their own bedrooms, but shared toilet and bathroom facilities with other residents. They also used the communal kitchen, dining room and lounge with the others who live in Stables Cottage.

As a result of the investment Nigel and Michelle now have their own en-suite bedrooms and share their own kitchen, lounge and dining room. They continue to enjoy access to the cottages larger communal areas but as a result of the refurbishment Nigel washes his clothes with the confidence that he is not going to lose them, and Michelle is able to do a lot more cooking and baking.

Led by Eric Wright Group-Special Projects team, residents like Nigel and Michelle were consulted throughout the refurbishment process with both choosing the final layout, furnishing and decoration of their bedrooms, and whether they wanted a bath, a shower or both.

‘It’s so much better, I’ve got my own toilet’
‘I don’t have to share with others’
‘I chose my own shower’
‘I chose my armchair and decorations’

As long-term residents of Stanley Grange both Nigel and Michelle were delighted that their stories will be shared, highlighting what living in modernised and personalised living spaces is like.

The Stanley Grange Community Association would like to thank the Collinge Family who led the Design for Life Fundraising campaign, The Clothworkers Foundation, The Bernard Sunley Trust, The WO Street Foundation, The Dowager Countess Eleanor Peel Trust, The Sylvia Waddilove Trust and The Duchy of Lancashire who made this phase possible.