Phase 5: Refurbish Community Kitchen, Renovate and Restore Summer House & Build Cycle Path

£30k Raised 100%

Completed March 2021
Following the purchase of Stanley Grange in 2015, the Stanley Grange Community Association (SGCA) created a Refurbishment, Modernisation and Renewal Program to address the lack of investment, in the site that had occurred over the previous decade. The total projected investment in this programme amounts to £2.3m.

Community Kitchen Refurbishment
Work began on refurbishing the Community Kitchen in March 2020, just before the UK went into lockdown due to Covid-19.

Led by Friends and Family Forum members; Marie, Pat and John, Stanley Grange residents, staff and fellow members of the forum were consulted to ensure all refurbishments and upgrades would be functional and meet the needs of residents and staff. 

Now completed the kitchen is a multi-functional space serving as both a training and domestic kitchen. Residents will use the space to improve kitchen skills and enjoy socialising with other residents once the cooking and baking is ready to be sampled. 

For the Friends and Family Forum this modern and fully functional kitchen will be used when preparing catering for events such as the annual Summer Picnic and Christmas Fayre. 

Summer House Renovate and Restore
When Covid-19 closed the Stanley Grange site to visitors, residents began working on clearing the grounds around the old Summer House. Supported by Activities Coordinator Kevin and other team members, weeds were pulled and the area was cleared to began the important job of bringing the Summer House back to its former glory. 

Once completed the Summer House will be a space for activities, outdoor events, and where residents can relax. 

Build a Cycle Path around the Grounds
Stanley Grange is surrounded by woodlands which residents enjoy exploring both on foot and bike. In 2018 improvements to the grounds of Stanley Grange included the addition of a cycle path that now allows residents much easier access to cycle among the grounds.

Stanley Grange Community Association would like to thank the everyone who made all these projects possible.

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